Azure Insights: Azure SQL Database Advisor

Starting in Sitecore 8.2, Sitecore now supports Azure SQL, which offers a lot of benefits when it comes to scalability and maintainability of SQL Server in the cloud.   One of the overlooked benefits is the way a cloud application like Azure SQL can monitor and provide real-time feedback on application performance.

After running Azure SQL for a while, I started to receive recommendations from the Azure SQL Database Advisor.


This service from Microsoft is analyzing the queries happening on my Sitecore databases and making recommendations that will improve the performance.  In this particular situation, Azure has discovered that adding an index to my VersionedFields table will have an impact that may be worth looking into.

Now, in talking with Sitecore support, it is worth noting that applying these changes may improve the performance on some queries while negatively impacting them in others.  The product has not been tested in this configuration, but creation of indexes should typically only benefit the application.

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