Sitecore Contacts – Cluster Name

Cluster Name

When a contact is created in MongoDB, the value of the Analytics.ClusterName setting is stored there.   The cluster name should match the public domain of the CD server on both CM and CD, which is listed in the scaling guide.  If not updated, the default value of that setting is “default-cd-cluster”.

When a contact is modified on the CM server, like during Email Experience Manager sending, the value of Analytics.ClusterName is used as the hostname to allow CM to modify the record through the CD server.  If you neglected to update this value properly, all existing analytics records will have “default-cd-cluster” for that value.  This will cause access to the contact to fail and the contact to report as “locked”.

The solution is to run a command in MongoDB to fix it:

Log in with RoboMongo or another tool to the analytics database:

db.Contacts.update({"Lease.Owner.Identifier": {$eq:"default-cd-cluster"}},
{ $set: { "Lease.Owner.Identifier": "" } },
{ multi: true }

If you are looking for a query to see if this is an issue, you can use this query to get a list of all values in the collection:

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